Affirmations for Weight Loss

Have you ever had the experience that the harder you try to do something, the harder it is? Many of us have had this experience when trying to lose weight. One of the reasons for this is your subconscious programming. Your subconscious programming includes beliefs that you have about yourself, your ability to be beautiful and healthy and oftentimes deep-seated emotional issues around our ability to love ourselves. For some weight can be a protective shield, keeping us from experiencing the outside world, a barrier. Of course, every one is unique and individual. Your personal experiences and perceptions of the world create your physical reality.


You can change your reality by changing the way you see things, by releasing subconscious programs and blocks that are keeping you stuck in the same vicious cycle.


Try this. Begin today to be more loving to yourself. Pay attention to those thoughts that come up that are negative and not supportive. I'll give you an example. You may be driving a long and see a slim, attractive woman in a gorgeous red dress. You think to yourself, wow, I'd like to wear that and bam: that little negative voice pops up, "You'll never fit in that. What are you thinking. Why bother. You can't lose weight no matter how hard you try."


When this sort of thinking pops up, notice it and say wow, I recognize you. You're that little subconscious program that Suzie was talking about. Then say something loving and kind to yourself like: "My body metabolizes everything I eat perfectly so I weigh my natural body size around ____ pounds." (fill in the blank with your natural weight.)


Try this for a while. Look in the mirror each morning, for the next month, looking directly into your own eyes and say "I love you. I am beautiful and loveable no matter how I am feeling. I deserve health, love and beauty."

Do this for 1 month. Commit to yourself. It may be difficult at first, but if you do this every day you will begin to see changes in yourself.


As you become more loving and kind to yourself your subconscious mind goes to work to create those circumstances for you to feel more loveable, healthy and beautiful. As a result your body responds by shedding pounds. Or you may just have more energy. As you love yourself more, you may begin to desire foods that support this self-love, foods full of life energy, vitality. Sound too simple? Too good to be true? Ah ha, are your beliefs getting in your way?


You can do this. I know. I've done it and so have many others. If you need a little assistance and we all sometimes do then call for your free phone consultation and we'll design a custom program just for you. You deserve to have it all and YOU CAN!

Affirmations For Weight Loss


I’m beautiful and loveable however I’m feeling.


My body metabolizes everything I eat perfectly to maintain my ideal weight of ________ pounds.


I love and appreciate myself for who I am right now.


I love to exercise and tone my body.


I eat healthy, live foods filled with light energy.


I eat less food more often.


I love and appreciate all that I do.


I trust the process of life to bring me my highest good.


I deserve the best and I accept it now.


I am full of beautiful energy.


I am healthy. I am joyous and happy and free.


I am slender. I love my body.


I am good to my body and my body is good to me.


I release fat, easily and effortlessly.


My body is a fat burning machine.


I love myself, therefore I take loving care of my body.


I love and accept myself completely here and now.


I love to walk and breathe clean, fresh air.


I love my life and I can’t wait to get up and outside to exercise and breathe the fresh air.


I now let go of all accumulated guilt, fears, resentment, disappointments and grudges, in all directions of time and space. I am free and clear!


All of my negative self-images and attitudes are now dissolved. I love and appreciate myself!


Everything I eat adds to my health and beauty.


I am now slender, strong and in perfect condition no matter what I do.


I get hungry only for those foods my body really needs.


The more I love and appreciate myself, the more beautiful I am becoming.


I am naturally attractive.


I love my body as it is.


Every day I am growing healthier and more attractive.


I love to sweat.



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