"The class was intimate and inviting. I felt very comfortable with Suzie and the other students. It's very obvious, Suzie has everyone's best interest at heart. I feel I've learned tools that will help me help myself, as well as others.! Thank you!!!" Wendy Lieginger

What Some Students Have to Say:

"I thought I was only going to learn the material for personal use. But now, I want to work as a hypnotherapist. Can't wait to get started." E. A. Magdaleno

"I would strongly recommend this Hypnosis Course to anyone who wants to improve their personal or professional life. To anyone who wants to do better, enjoy life more or just be better at anything." Robert A. Archuleta

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Do You Love Helping Others?

  • Have you always wanted to work in the field of healing?

  • Do People Come to You With Their Problems?

  • Are You an Alternative Practitioner and Would Like to Add Hypnosis and Coaching to Your Business?

  • Perhaps You Are in the Medical Field and Would Like to Add Skills to Help Your Patients?

  • Do You Want to Help Others Make Rapid Change or Perhaps You Would Like to Improve Your Life?

  • Are You Curious About the Power of the Mind ~ Body Connection?

Hypnosis Certification May Indeed Be For You!

Did You Know, it's not unusual to make $1,000 - $3,500 per week as a Professional Hypnotherapist?

What you can expect from your experience:


  • Learn Powerful Hypnotic Inductions and Therapeutic Tools for Rapid Change.

  • Explore and Understand the Mind Model of Consciousness.

  • How and Why we are Programmed with Beliefs that Disempower Us and How We Can Change Them.

  • Increase Intuition

  • Core4TM - 4 Key Sessions You can Use with Any Client for Foundation for Success

  • Use Past Life Regression to Release Energetic Programs for Healing

  • Gain skill in powerful hypnotic processes to help others overcome areas in life where they are feeling blocked. 

  • Intuitive Processes to Access Inner Wisdom for Profound Change

  • Open Your Channel and Connect with Your Angels and Spirit Guides

  • Get More in Touch with Nature and the 5 Elements and Integrate for Transformation

  • Pendulum and Spiritual Clearning Work with Charts

  • Kinesiology (Muscle Testing)

  • Light Work

  • Emotional Freedom Therapy Processes

  • Learn  Guided Imagery, Hypnotic Convincers, Rapid Hypnosis

  • Utilize Tools Such as Angel Cards combined with hypnosis for rapid success

  • Learn How Our Personality May Affect Our Life Experience.

  • Building a Successful Business.

  • Ethical Considerations

  • Ongoing Coaching and Support

  • and Much More

Certified Hypnotherapist ~ Soul Discovery CoachTM

Create the Life You Desire and Deserve!

Suzie Bowers has been helping others as a Hypnotherapist and Coach since 1995. She has trained others in the art of self-improvement and life coaching and has developed her unique, propriety Soul-Discovery CoachingTM System based on her book: Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life.

As an accepted student into the Soul-Discovery CoachingTM Apprenticeship Program, you will be able to work on yourself, your family members and others and even create a lucrative business in the self-improvement profession.

Classes in 2019-2020 See Below

Module I
 November 14th - 17th, 2019
Module II
March 12 - 15th, 2020
Module III
July 23rd - 26th, 2020
Module I
November 12th - 15th, 2020

Classes 2019 ~ 2020

Classes are 50 hours each. 25 hours in person class time and 25 hours online live, FB Group and Homework. This will give you a chance to practice and integrate teachings.

Each Class Stands Alone. You may start at any time.

Your Investment $1,297 Per Module.


Special Early Bird Pricing $997*

Hypnosis Certification ~ 150 Hours

Soul-Discovery Coaching ~ Beginnings


Module I, II and III

Each Module = 50 hours of course work and hands-on training. You may start whenever you like, in any module.

Remaining 25 hours will be in person at my Stockton, California location or other location venue. Once you enroll in your course work, you will be invited to our private Facebook Group and opportunities for hands on practicum with clients. There is required reading and written reports.

You will have access to coaching and support as you build your skills and confidence. 

Some Business Coaching is included for the professional hypnotist or coach. Advanced Business Coaching Programs also Available.

How it Works? 
Each Class stands alone: $1,297.00.* You may start with any Module. Each Module includes 25 hours on-location class time and 25 hours online and hands-on with clients. This is subject to modification. For example, field practice and reporting can suffice for 25 hours in person. Early Bird Enrollment Discount Special: Enroll 45 Days prior to class and receive substantial discount. You save $300. Only $997.*
Designations: (50 hours each.)
- Certified Hypnotist 
- Master Hypnotist
- Certified Hypnotherapist 
- Advanced: Soul-Discovery CoachTM (additional 150 hours.)
Upon completion of 150 hours, you will be awarded Certified Hypnotherapist designation through the International Hypnosis Federation, HypnoProfessional World-Wide, and California Hypnosis Center & Academy. Your 1st year membership is complimentary.
Coming in 2020
ONLINE ONLY Option, for Long Distance Learners or Perhaps, You'd Like to Get Started and Complete Hands On Training later:
You may not be able to make the "in person" classes right away...you still have the opportunity to be a part of our community and do the online portion of the training until you are ready to join the hands-on portion of the training on location.
Discounted rate for online training: $495
For only $495 you will have access to all online training videos, scripts, workbooks/course materials, Private Facebook Group with Live Coaching, etc.
*Balance due prior to "on-location" course work, with reservation ($950). Full Certification will NOT be awarded until on-location course work is complete. (Save $152 by investing in full program up front.)
**There is a $97 Certification fee per module. 
Advanced Classes
Past Life Regression Specialist Certification (30 hours total. This class is held live on location, in person and required field work. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.)
Smoking Cessation Specialist - TBD - this is an intense course and will be available to you after you complete Hypnotherapist Certification.
Soul-Discovery CoachTM Certification ~ Advanced Course Work with Suzie (50-150 Hours...Apprenticeship Program.)
Proprietary Course created by Suzie Bowers, Soul-Discovery Coaching takes your skills and business to the next level. Bringing years of spiritual training in many different areas together, Suzie will share her years of training in Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Soul-Retrieval, Shamanic Drumming Circles, Medicine Wheel, Angelic Reiki, Awakening Your Light Body, Spiritual Growth, Past Life Regression, Soul Healing, Pendulum Work and Spiritual Response Therapy, NLP and Kinesiology, into one power packed process you can use with yourself or your clients to facilitate healing on the Soul-Level.
This course is designed for the experienced, or certified coach, hypnotherapist or healer to hone, fine-tune and take intuitive skills to the next levels...Apprenticeship is Available. 
You will learn powerful processes to apply in the manner that expresses your "Soul-Purpose" so you may help others.
Take Your Program as Far as You Want to Go: Business Coaching Advanced.
Have you always wanted to be a workshop leader, author, Spiritual Counselor? Not sure how to market your retreats, etc. This Program Includes the Business Aspect: Your course of study will include learning how to speak in a group, create events and workshops, facilitate circles (drumming, meditation or group hypnosis,) long-distance soul-clearings and angel or tarot readings. You will experience the purpose behind the use of these tools and what speaks to you. We will help you overcome areas of your own life that have been blocking your success.
Location TBD. (Course of study is online and annual destination retreat.) 
Payment Options Available and Dependent Upon Course of Study. Retreat TBD. 
Sign Up for More Information.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Soul~Discovery CoachTM Certifications

Create the Life You Desire & Deserve...It's All Here!

Each Hypnosis Class includes powerful Hypnotic processes, ethical considerations and a complete understanding of how our mind's work and how to effect positive and rapid change.

You will learn how to hypnotize yourself and others in a gentle and safe method, to facilitate achieving goals.

You will also receive business coaching if it's your desire to create a successful hypnotherapy business.

(Most hypnosis certifications skip this very important aspect of becoming a hypnotherapist/coach.)

Reserve your place in this warm and friendly class where you will learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, create a new life experience that is supportive and empowering.

Please contact us prior to enrolling!

Invest in 1 complete total hypnosis certification module experience. $1,297.00 per module. (Includes in person "hands-on" weekend, in addition to online training. Early Bird Option Available $997 see below.)

Coming in 2020 - Online Only.

Invest in Online Portion Only. You will have an option to pay balance when you decide to attend hands on weekend. $495 per module. (Does Not Include in person "hands-on" weekend, required for full certification. Balance due prior to attending $950.)

All 3 Modules ~ Full Hypnotherapist Certification.

Invest in Complete Certified Hypnotherapist Course, including all 3 modules 150 Hours. $3,891.00

All courses include book: Hypnosis ~ Smile on Your Face, Money in Your Pocket by Dr. Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, International Hypnosis Federation, and downloadable worksheets.

Textbooks: Students will be required to purchase additional required reading. Reading list will be given after enrollment.

Yes, I want more information about Soul-Discovery Coaching Program and Apprenticeship. (Fill Out Contact Form Above.)

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