What's Love Got to Do With It?

Love is in the Air as Valentine’s Day Approaches. It got me thinking about Love and the different kinds of love. How Love affects our health in good or bad ways and what can we do about it.

February is a great time to assess where you are with your New Year’s Goals. Have you really sat down and made a strategic plan for where you are now and where you want to be by the end of this year?

Yes, you may have a weight loss or even a health goal in mind, but have you clearly marked out the steps and the changes you’ll need to make to get there?

Is your goal realistic? Is your weight or health goal about looking good or about being healthy? Is your goal based on loving yourself and taking great care of yourself or is it about punishing yourself for being “bad” or fat. Let me explain.

The Most Important Kind of Love is Self-Love.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. We’re NOT talking about ego self-adoration, we’re talking about being truly authentically honest with yourself and kind and loving to your mind, body and your emotions. In my weight loss program, or any programs really, I ask my clients what kind of things they say to themselves about their bodies. I hear a lot of self-loathing, put downs and repeated phrases that are absolutely disempowering.

For example: “you’re so fat!” “Why don’t you have any self-control?” “I hate my, butt, stomach, arms, legs.” “I just can’t lose weight.” “I can’t believe I just ate all of ____________.” “You are so stupid, fat, lazy, incompetent, ridiculous.”

Any of this sound familiar?

Ask yourself, if your best friend repeatedly said these mean and disempowering things to you, would you still be friends? Probably not and I sure hope no!!!! In fact, we tend to want to get away from someone like that and we certainly don’t want to work for them or make them feel happy or healthy.

Have you ever considered that your body responds the same way to what you say to yourself. Are you inspiring a healthy body or a sick, fat body that’s in pain all the time?

Of course, we want to hang around people who love us unconditionally, who encourage us to be the best we can be, who are a joy to be around, easy going, happy and supportive. I don’t know about you, but I run away from cranky, negative, judgmental people who say mean things. Or, I feel the need to protect myself.

Have you ever considered that your excess weight, depression or pain in your body is a form of protection. Have you ever considered that your excess weight, depression or pain in your body is a form of protection, from you? Maybe you are over-weight, or feeling sad and lost, because you are protecting you, from you!

So, why would you treat yourself like this? You wouldn’t talk to your best friend this way, so why would you talk to the most important person in your life like this……YOU? Remember, you live in your body. Your body’s number one priority is to keep you healthy, safe and alive…this consciousness that is responsible for your health and well-being exists in every cell in your body. Your body loves you unconditionally. It is perfect love, so why then, do you criticize it and beat yourself up?

This is powerful and this power can cause true damage to our health and well-being. What is more powerful is Loving Yourself, just as you are, perceived flaws and ALL!

Our bodies are comprised of mostly water/fluids. It’s been proven that our thoughts, our emotions and what we say to ourselves and others, literally has an immediate effect on our cells, right down to our DNA. It’s also been proven, that our thoughts, emotions and what we say and think affects water and literally the environment within and around us (Check out the Book: “Hidden Messages in Water” by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Don’t you think it’s important to change what you say to yourself to something more empowering, loving and kind. When you love your body, just as it is, it relaxes and begins to work with you, basking in your love and support, just like your friend would. Your emotions also live within the cells of your body and when you feel happy, your body feels healthy and does healthy things. Focus on being happy, having energy so that making changes to what you consume and the level of exercise and stretching you do becomes effortless.

Unfortunately, humans today tend to be self-abusive, trying to live up to a standard that is spoon fed us through the media and from people who spend their entire lives focused on beauty. Get serious! Most people will never live up to that ideal. And the idea that we can and should, sets us up to fail and feel bad about ourselves. In reality, a large percentage of the “Hollywood types” are miserable and self-destruct with drugs and alcohol and multiple plastic surgeries.

More important than BEAUTY and living up to a standard that is not our own, is Happiness!

You’ve heard the saying, True Beauty Comes From Within? This is absolute Truth. Your Joy, Your Zest for Life, Your healthy vibrant body, as you are….glows from the inside out. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are on the outside, if your insides are judgmental, sad, defeated, depressed, about self-loathing, critical, etc. What’s on the inside radiates on the outside.

To be truly happy, to be truly beautiful, you must be true to yourself. Do things that make you happy. If you want to act in a play or sing, then do that. If you desire to be out doors and go hiking and camping, find a group and go. If you love books and like to share ideas, join or start a book club. Get involved in community service, helping others less fortunate. I don’t think anything feels better than that.

When you’re truly happy about life and feel good about yourself, it gets easier to release excess weight.

It becomes easy to do those activities that nurture your body, including eating healthier and being more mindful of how you feel after you consume something. Your body is always giving you feedback.

Listen and commit to following your body’s loving guidance.

Most importantly, be kind and gentle with yourself. Tell your self every day, “I Love YOU!” Be grateful to your body, loving it, thanking it for all it does for you. You can see, you can walk, you can laugh, be grateful to your heart for beating, your lungs for breathing, your ears for hearing. Your body is an amazing organic computer that responds to how you program it. Your thoughts and words are the program.

If you need help to get over the hump, we can help. #Hypnosis for health, healing and weight reduction is an amazing tool and has been proven to be effective!


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