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Weight Crushing4TM Weight Loss System
with California Hypnosis Center

Get Bikini Ready with the Weight Crushing4 Weight Loss Program. In 4 sessions, you will release the causes of your over-eating and lack of motivation. You will receive new mental programs helping to propel you to get moving, to exercise and get toned. 


As Part of Your Weight Crushing4 ~ You Will Receive:









  • Subconscious Mind Activation and Inner Wisdom Energy Clearing

  • Release the Past, Catapult to the Future

  • Body Imaging

  • Exercise Motivation

  • Dissolve Cravings

  • and Much More!

Your new inner view of yourself and your world will seamlessly assist you as you tune into the wisdom of your own body and dissolve cravings. You’ll be guided to nourish your body with the right, healthy foods for you, in the correct amounts to increase metabolism and maximize healthy weight reduction. 


You’ll be amazed at how easy it is when you use Hypnosis to Lose Weight and there are only beneficial side-effects…like improved self-esteem, self-confidence, better sleep and much more.



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