Life seems full of ups and downs these's so uncertain what will happen next, how will "I" be affected, etc. 

My suggestion is to stop, take a deep breath, reset, and connect with your "Source," whatever that means to you.

Spend time in nature whenever possible...

Hypnosis makes it easy to quit smoking.....It perplexes me greatly why so many people who are stuck in the horrible cycle of smoking dependency will not use hypnosis to stop smoking? In about 2 hours, your smoking problem is over, once and for all!

What are you waiting...

Hypnosis Makes it Easy. Let me ask you this: Are You Struggling to Keep Commitments to Yourself? I completely understand

how frustrating that can be. I've been there and find myself there again, from time to time!

HYPNOSIS is often misunderstood, yet, it is the MOST eff...

It’s not your fault….our brains are wired to keep us at where we are. That’s why lottery winners often end up being broke within just a few years of winning a fortune. Their mind-set and beliefs about deserving money or living the life of a wealthy person are not congr...

The 800 lb gorilla!

Hypnosis: The Key to Everything You Desire!

Trying to accomplish your goals and dreams can sometimes seem daunting.

Have you ever had the feeling or experience that the harder you try to accomplish something, the more difficult it seems to become?

We al...

5 Steps to a Better Relationship Using Gratitude!

Gratitude May Transform Your Relationships in a very easy and simple way.

Have you struggled with a relationship or maybe a few? 

Take a time out and try this amazing and magical gratitude exercise (below.) You may find...

Are you still struggling to get that bikini body or drop that extra 20 pounds you’ve been carrying around your middle?

I know what a struggle it can be. I too have had challenges getting and keeping weight off since my early 30s. I’ve put the same 20-25 pounds back on...



The Longest Light of the Year, Summer Solstice marks the official 1st day of Summer. Since Winter Solstice in December, the longest dark of the year....we've slowly been gaining more light each day to arrive at Summer!

Summer Solstice...

February 27, 2019

We live in a world of patterns here on earth, some call them habits. And, that's all it is, patterns in your subconscious mind. When you are trying to make change and you feel “disconnected,” get are about to have a BREAKTHROUGH! And, I am VERY proud of y...

January 18, 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon! (in the constellation of LEO.) Wow, that’s a mouthful and a power packed full moon in January 2019.

We're already past mid-January...amazing how the time flies, and we're in for a treat this weekend! A very rare and powerful ocurrance is taking pl...

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