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Can Hypnosis Help You In School?

Can Hypnosis Help you in School?

There have been many studies about how accessing the deepest levels of your mind can actually help you do much better in school.

Relax Your Way to Straight A s

During the relaxed state we call hypnosis, the doorway into the subconscious mind opens up and we are able to learn more quickly and retain more information. We can also “Program” the mind for success in this area, basically deleting any doubts about our ability to learn and retain that information.

Technically the brain and our consciousness is unlimited…unlike computers we have unlimited storage capacity, so it stands to reason that we are able to learn and retain unlimited amounts of knowledge and information. The trick is being able to access that information whenever we want to.

The most effective method here is to learn to relax, while learning and while accessing what we’ve learned at a later time. In Russia, many years ago, there have been studies done with children who were under-achievers, diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and had never achieved good grades. At a special school where they used hypnosis techniques to create a relaxed and hypnotic atmosphere, within months these same children were achieving higher than normal scores and were learning new languages, fluently within 6 months.

How did this happen?

The students were placed in reclining chairs, and guided into a relaxed state of mind. Information was then delivered to the students during the hypnotic state, while binaural beats were played, or classical music was in the background. The mind absorbed the information much more quickly and the former “bad” students, became super stars of learning and actually surpassed, in some cases, their high achieving equivalents.

Test Anxiety is a Symptom of Stress

Stress causes our mind to freeze up and close the door to the subconscious mind where all information and experience is stored. I’ve had many clients come to me because they could not pass an important test. They literally walk into the room and have a complete blank on the information they had been studying for weeks or even months.

Learning hypnosis to relax the mind and body, will allow students with test anxiety to relieve the tensions and stress, thereby allowing the information to flow from the subconscious mind into the conscious level where it can then be applied. Hypnosis is very effective in relieving stress and thereby eliminating test anxiety and the frustrating outcome of not being able to be successful in passing a test.

Hypnosis is by far the easiest way to achieve success and pass your exams.

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