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Hypnosis for Forgiveness? It Will Set You FREE!

Can Forgiveness Heal Your Soul?

Forgiveness is truly a gift you give yourself. #Hypnosis Can Help!

{These Dandelion seeds all bunched up, clumped up together, remind me of how it feels when we hold onto grudges and past hurts...we are stuck with each other, bound together energetically forever. Once we use True Forgiveness, and release the past, the Spirit Wind blows us apart with love and each seed is free to fly to great heights, finding it's true purpose, to grow and flourish in the garden of it's choosing!}

Everyone has experiences in life where someone else has done something to you or against you, a betrayal, or even a violent act, causing either intentional or accidental damage. The ego is activated and we find ourselves being offended, spiraling us down into that dark chasm identifying ourselves as the “Victim.”

Whenever we become the archetype of the Victim, we give away our power and the cycle of blame and loss lives within us. This energy is so low, such a heavy and negative vibration that it can literally feel like we’re carrying a back pack full of rocks (shame) around with us everywhere we go.

This energy keeps us stuck from moving forward with joy and success in just about every area of our life.

Beginning the process of forgiveness, puts us back on the path of empowerment and the dissolution of the back pack of shame.

There are different types of forgiveness.

  1. You decide to forgive the person who committed the act, even if you believe it was not ok, what they did and you still hate or disdain them. You may continue your relationship with this person and move forward or end the relationship, but the hurt and anger still continues within you and is remembered. You may continue to find reasons to be a victim.

  2. You don’t have any further relationship with the person, or maybe you do not even know the person, but you decide to let it go from your heart and mind and forgive them, figuring, they didn’t know any better. You still carry the scars of the experience with you as some sort of badge of honor. You may still carry the “victim” inside of you.

  3. You realize that on some level beyond your understanding, that you, the supposed victim, attracted the experience into your life so you could grow and learn and overcome the ego. In this situation, you actually feel a sense of gratitude toward the person who gave you this opportunity to learn to rise above “victim” mentality. Your forgiveness takes on a completely different purpose here that is a very high level vibration, the level of your “soul-self.”

  4. You completely eliminate the idea that you are a victim of circumstances or another’s actions. Everything and every experience is divine, beautiful and the perfection of God’s purpose for us. All experience is being orchestrated by your “soul-self” or higher-self and YOUR beliefs about the nature of reality, and there are NO victims at any time. The experience is for the journey of your life-purpose on Earth. Forgiveness is unnecessary.

Whatever level you find yourself is perfect for you right now. The goal is to begin at some level because forgiveness is NOT about freeing the perpetrator, it’s about freeing you. As long as you hold onto any level of judgement about the person or situation, you are still in Ego consciousness and carrying around a backpack of rocks “victim.” Being completely transparent, sometimes we have to start where we are and move ourselves through these stages with the goal of becoming masters of owning responsibility for our own human experience in every situation.

If there is any situation that has occurred in your life, where you are still holding onto grudges, resentment or hatred, I encourage you to begin the process of forgiveness.

Here is one exercise that may help.

Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths and relax. Find your peaceful center. If you have trouble due to too much mind-chatter, recognize that is your ego trying to stop you and pipe in. True forgiveness may be perceived by the ego mind as a giving up it’s power and control, the exact opposite is true. Fill yourself with Universal Life Source Energy in the form of White Light. Breathe it in, be fully present with the Light. Exhale any resistance or discomfort in your body and emotions.

Affirm: "I forgive and release you and myself completely. We are FREE and Clear!"

Take a few more deep breaths and repeat until you can feel some level of truth in the statement.

You will feel better. You may not notice it immediately, or you may notice something. You have made a powerful change in the situation. It’s ok if you have to revisit this exercise a few times.

{Want to know more? Stay tuned for my upcoming workshop to help you forgive and release the past and move forward toward your greatness! Call me for more information.}

Take it further into the Spiritual Side, where it originated. Tune into your heart center and tell yourself, to your heart, “I Love You.” Say this to yourself until you feel the truth in it. Allow that energy to expand. Next, say to yourself, “I Love You, I Forgive You, All is Well.” This will allow you to clear any stuck energy you have surrounding the issue.

Next Step, find the other person as energy. Imagine that their “Soul-Self” is approaching you. Do NOT imagine their personality self…see them as white light. Beam out your love to this other soul and mentally tell them, you understand there is a higher meaning for the encounter, issue, etc. Thank them for coming and tell them you forgive them, you forgive yourself, in all directions of time and space. Complete the moment with: “We are All FREE and Clear!”

Thank them for coming and release any energy chores you may have between you. Imagine the essence of this person dissolving away or moving far away from you with peace and love, blessings.

Sit in this energy for as long as it feels good. You will know when it's complete, trust your own guidance.

True, Spiritual Forgiveness will change your life and move you past "Victim Consciousness." When you move past Victim Consciousness, you STOP attracting situations that are harmful. They cease to exist for you. This is true Spiritual Power!

Want more information about True me.

Warmly, Suzie Bowers, CHt

(800) 758.1239

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