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I Love You ~ Making Change Possible

We live in a world of patterns here on earth, some call them habits. And, that's all it is, patterns in your subconscious mind. When you are trying to make change and you feel “disconnected,” get are about to have a BREAKTHROUGH! And, I am VERY proud of you for doing this work!

Everyone is different, however, in my experience, deep feelings of low self-worth are ingrained into most of us and manifest in a variety of ways, weight issues, addictions, relationship struggles or attracting the same “sort" of relationship over and over. Most of our self-worth issues stem from childhood experiences, before we had a good filter to weed out negative comments.

Almost everyone has this in some degree...for others it may manifest in different ways. Your personality and ways in which you process information come into play as well.

It is not unusual to experience a strange feeling or "disconnect" when you are making changes to old habit patterns. The "I Love You" exercise is powerful and is a great indicator of where the struggle originates. By asking my client to do this, I can tell right away, where their block is. The exercise will challenge deep seeded beliefs you've been carrying around most of your life, so it may feel weird.

Try this right now: Sit quietly, breathe deeply, exhale and relax, close your eyes and tune into your inner world. Put your hands over your heart or the center of your chest and say, with feeling: "I Love You." Say it aloud. What feelings come up? Keep at it until it feels true for you. This may take a while.

The more loving and kind you can be to yourself, the better. Habits are tools we use to suppress these feelings of inadequacy, fear, uncertainty. Yet, the thought of letting old patterns go, stirs big emotions.

Please remember, these are only feelings and all emotion follows thought. It's not real. It's just a feeling you are creating. You are in charge of your thoughts and feelings, YOU are the creator, although you have spent your entire life unaware of that fact. You are NOT a victim. You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Let's use that power as a force for positive change.

Keep working on changing your thoughts to what you want, not what you don't want. Thoughts and feelings, they don't really hurt's just a feeling, not a saber tooth tiger, as your subconscious would like you to believe. Keep telling yourself: "I am safe, I am vibrant, I am loved." Be present with the part of you in is not all of you....just a small part in need of your you sit with the feelings, breathe...and just be! That's awesome. Old patterns will not survive in the light of your conscious awareness.

I Love You Exercise

Ask yourself...."Is this real? Is this valid? What would I have to believe to feel like this?" Then challenge the can change your beliefs and thereby your experience.

There is a FREE audio for self-healing available on my website ( Add your email and you will be directed to the audio for will also be in your email. I suggest you listen to it every day with stereo head phones while you're relaxing, before sleep or first thing in the morning is great!

Secondly, Exercise.....get out and take a walk....even if it's raining....getting out in nature is extremely healing to the soul and will change your state.

Thirdly, there someone in your life you need to forgive? Perhaps yourself? Please read that chapter on forgiveness in my book: Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life. A releasing ceremony is very powerful. Let me know if you need any further guidance with this. Time to let the past go....there is only now! Every moment is precious....decide right now to let go of things that you cannot change, people, situations, the's over...embrace the NOW moment and what you can do and be today.

Lastly, Remember ~ YOU are a Beautiful Spirit having a human experience. You are perfection! It takes monumental courage to incarnate into human form on the earth plane....trillions of perfect timings, happenings, conjunctions, connections had to happen in order for you to be here. You are a walking miracle. Embrace this....stop playing small...that's not why you're here. There is NO such thing as failure in any way....everything is about growth and learning from the "Soul's perspective." You may choose: grow through joy, or grow through pain...everything is about your growth and are evolving. Celebrate!

Everything is energy and energy is constantly moving, changing, transforming. That is reality. However, your brain likes to conserve energy and will sometimes make change for you's not comfortable, I know. You can handle this! You'll come out on the other side empowered, free, confident and capable of achieving your dreams.

You're doing GREAT work! Keep at it...never, ever give up!

With Love and Light,

Suzie Bowers, CHt

Soul-Discovery Coach

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