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Gratitude May Improve Your Relationships

5 Steps to a Better Relationship Using Gratitude!

Gratitude May Transform Your Relationships in a very easy and simple way.

Have you struggled with a relationship or maybe a few? Take a time out and try this amazing and magical gratitude exercise (below.) You may find your relationships and happiness transform.

The first step is to remember and ingrain into your mind: What you focus on expands and magnifies – this is a fact of the innate intelligence of your subconscious mind. Regardless of what you believe, this is law and cannot be changed.

At the conscious or ego level, it is easy to be critical of those around us, especially when we’re not feeling good about ourselves. Our ego mind is always judging and having opinions, sometimes in a very negative way. Whenever you criticize anything you create an energetic barrier which blocks the flow of good things coming your way. Blocking the positive flow in a relationships leads to frustration and unhappiness. Words are powerful, even when they’re a thought in your own head. When you complain about another, you actually cause harm in your own life…this is the core principle of the law of attraction. Step 2:

For you to have successful, loving relationships based on mutual respect and adoration, you must clear out criticism and put all your focus on loving people just as they are.

Think about this…How does it make you feel?: Imagine for a moment that some person in your life, mother, father, boss, lover, sibling, friend told you: “ YOU…, I Love YOU, just the way you are, you're amazing!” Makes me feel all warm and tingly….quite refreshing isn’t it? On the other hand, when someone says: “I don’t like the way you do this or that.” It makes you feel defeated and drains your energy. Little things annoy us and become big distance in our relationships and how our relations respond to us.

How can you change it? Well that is the beautiful and magical question.

Recall what I said earlier: What you focus on expand and grows in your view of reality as a product of your own subconscious mind. So why not focus on what you love about someone, instead of the little stupid annoyances? Then, you’ll get more of that, positive feelings. Step 3: Even better, why not focus on the things you love about yourself?Focus on your inner strengths and make a commitment to work on areas that need work. Ditch the negative self-talk and accomplishes nothing besides making you feel worse. Try this exercise for the next 3 days and experience the magical transformation of your relationships and how you feel about yourself. Pick a person in your life. Pull out a picture of them and really look at it from your heart. Step 4: Write down 3-5 things each day that you are grateful for about them…the way they smile, the nice little gestures they make, how they are always there for you, or help pay the bills, make you a sandwich, the way they wear their hair, or open the door, or give you random call…whatever….even the little things count. Perhaps you’re just grateful for who they are.

Step 5: When a negative thought enters your mind...Take 6 deep breaths in a row, which have been proven to increase neural connections and brain chemicals of happiness, so it may change your state. Remember, usually when you're being critical of someone else, it's because YOU are not feeling good about you.

By implementing these steps, You’ll be amazed at how the energy shifts between you, how this person responds to your new positive energy about them and how you feel happier.

Did you know, hypnosis can help make your relationships better? Call me for a consultation and let's talk about it. I have worked with many couples trying to improve their relationships and others going through a break up or relationship transition. With Love,

Suzie Bowers, Certified Hypnotherapist & Soul-Discovery Coach


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