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Why Can't I Do What I Planned to DO?

It’s not your fault….our brains are wired to keep us at where we are. That’s why lottery winners often end up being broke within just a few years of winning a fortune. Their mind-set and beliefs about deserving money or living the life of a wealthy person are not congruent or in alignment with their old hard-wired beliefs where staying at the old financial level is comfortable and requires less effort. The brain has to learn a new level, which requires a lot of energy.

The same thing applies when we decide, hey, it’s time to hit the gym and drop 20 lbs…. Have you ever gotten so excited and enthused to get that workout done, lose weight and eat healthy………only to find yourself sleeping in, and choosing unhealthy foods and beverages. Even though, just last night you were determined to make that change happen!?

Or, no matter how hard you work, you stay at the same level of income you did last year and the year before that?

Yep, it’s happened to all of us. The reason why: Your brain doesn’t like to use much energy and making a change requires energy and in some cases, to create new habit patterns.

Your brain and your powerful subconscious mind have 1 priority….and that is to keep you healthy, safe and alive! If you use all your brain energy making changes, you won’t have any left to protect you from danger. It literally feel like you’re stopping in your tracks.

What can you do?

Get your Mind on Board with Your Goals by using Hypnosis! That’s right. While you’re relaxing and quieting the mind, that’s a good time to visualize what you desire for yourself. Imagine yourself as if what you desire is already yours. Bring your feelings, your emotions into it. Create the desired feeling by imagining how you’ll feel when you accomplish your goal.

What Does Jim Carey Know About Success?

The most famous people in the world have used this technique. Did you know that Jim Carey, the famous comedian and movie star, wrote himself a $1 million dollar check while he was homeless, living in his parents car? He imagined paying himself this $1 million dollars after being a successful actor. He pretended it had already happened and imagined how awesome he would feel when it was real! Obviously, this worked for him.

I have an even crazier story. There was this guy who came from very humble beginnings and in fact, he was quite a trouble maker. He decided, he didn’t need school, he was smarter than that, and set out on his own to make his fortune.

At one point, he decided he wanted to be a millionaire and live in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean in California. He cut out a beautiful picture of a home featured in a luxury real estate magazine and glued it to his “goal board.”

This man worked and planned and visualized and took on seemingly impossible projects. He worked with coaches and mentors to help him get his mind-set right and express the great work ethic for success.

Fast forward: this man created multi-million dollar companies, not once, but several times…and finally, he told his wife it was time to move from the mid-west to his dream house overlooking the ocean in California.

They found a house and moved. His son was opening boxes and asked his dad, what is this box, Dad? Inside the box was the original vision board from 20 years earlier with the picture of the dream home he had visualized living in. Now, I don’t know if I believe in magic, but this was just like that.

He was sharing with his son the power of goal setting and visualization, when his son said: “Dad, that’s a picture of our new house.” John Assaraf realized, the picture on the board, was indeed the very house they were moving into, over-looking the ocean!

There's NO Limit to What You Can Achieve For Yourself!

John Assaraf is a best-selling author and one of the visionaries of our time. He has created multiple million $ companies and was featured in the movie The Secret in 2006, where he shares his “Vision Board” story.

I love sharing these inspirational stories, because, I always say, if they can do it, so can I. If I can do it, so can you. The innate intelligence of the universe already resides within you and is yours….you just need to learn the language and once you do…..there is NO limit to what you can achieve for yourself.

Hypnosis with a qualified professional could be the step that gets you there. Hypnosis Makes it Easy! Hypnosis Works! Hypnosis is Everything!

Love, Suzie

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