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Hypnosis Can Help Make 2020 Rock!

Hypnosis Makes it Easy. Let me ask you this: Are You Struggling to Keep Commitments to Yourself? I completely understand

how frustrating that can be. I've been there and find myself there again, from time to time!

HYPNOSIS is often misunderstood, yet, it is the MOST effective, quick way to get your mind to change. Everything starts in your mind. If you're struggling to keep your commitments with's NOT your fault. Hypnosis with a Trained Hypnotherapist can make change easier!

Here are my Tips for staying on track with your New Year’s Resolutions, (see below and enjoy this month's article.)

Holiday Meltdown: Doesn't it seemed like the holidays were more hectic than ever with the way the dates fell, and it’s like we just catapulted ourselves into January 2020!

January 2020, on the Cusp of a New Decade…Wow! Seems like everyone is ready for a change and the energy is high. We celebrated World Hypnotism Day on January 4th and just had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day this past week!

Both dates were opportunities to celebrate the milestones we’ve achieved as a whole community, but also reminds us, in some ways, how much farther we have to go. It's already the end of January! Yikes!

A FRESH Start? Do you get the feeling at the end of each December, that January is like a breath of fresh air, with the promise of a new start? For whatever reason, now that we’re out of the 20-teens and into our 20-twenties, fiscally speaking, it feels even more spectacularly fresh and new.

New Year’s Resolutions on Your Mind?…Every Day You May Start Again!

It’s almost the end of the first month of the New Year and I’m curious… are those New Years’ Resolutions coming along? It’s easy to get started with huge enthusiasm, but I’ve noticed the numbers at the gym are already dwindling. Are you dwindling too?

It’s ok, you know, it’s not your fault. The inevitable lack of motivation and follow through is due to your subconscious mind and your brain! That’s right. I’ll share how it all works….. (check out my blog post regarding your 800 lb gorilla!)

Here are some Tips to get you back on track:

Number 1, First and Foremost - be gentle with yourself…you’ve developed some habits over time and it takes a while to unravel them and create new neural pathways in your brain. A neural pathway, is a series of neurons connected together to enable a signal to be sent from one brain region to another. Neural pathways in your brain are what allow your brain learn new things. Our brains are amazing and are able to change, but our brain doesn't like and will seem like it's sabotaging you.

“Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change itself constantly by creating new neural pathways and losing those which are no longer used. ... Imagine how difficult it is to learn a new language or take up a new instrument – this is how hard your brain needs to work to stimulate growth and forge new neural pathways.” Wikipedia

2. Your Words Matter: If you’re trying to lose weight, it can be particularly difficult due to the language of your subconscious mind. You see, whenever you “lose” something, your mind will go find it. Think of the last time you lost keys or your wallet…..eventually, you find it….we’re hard-wired in this way and it is the nature of your subconscious mind to find things that are lost.

We want your new healthy habits to be a permanent, life-style change, not some get skinny quick scheme. That never works. Choose words that empower you….such as, “I am releasing the extra weight that no longer serves me.”

3. Make small changes…..small changes add up to big results. Small changes sort of trick the subconscious mind…..for example, if you go full out, full new diet, hit the gym hard, get into the most challenging exercise class and tell yourself you’ll go every day until you get that 30 lbs off…..uh oh…..your subconscious mind and your brain, will say “Heck NO” to that! It’s like the 900 pound gorilla just woke up! Why?

We are Hard-Wired for survival. The brain loves to conserve energy, just in case you are stalked and going to be eaten by a Saber Tooth Tiger, and making big changes in your habits requires major brain energy. Brain energy is limited each day. To conserve energy we develop habits….whether we label them good or bad is irrelevant. That’s just the way it works no matter what we’re trying to change… want to work gently, but consistently with your subconscious.

4. Change your mind from, “I need to lose this 30lbs,” to, “I’m adjusting my food intake and lifestyle to enhance my health in a positive way.” Get rid of these words: lose weight and diet. If you’ve ever done any research in this area you will find that 95% of people who go on a diet, fail. It doesn’t work.

Words have power: What works is deciding to be “healthier,” “make healthier choices,” “stretch and tone my body,” “improve my balance and stamina.”

5. Tune in to how your body feels, become fully present with what you put in it, how you move it, what you ask of it and your emotions. When you are mindful and consciously aware of how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally, it will guide you to an easier, more productive path, and lead you away from those destructive habits, like emotional eating, laziness, mental stress, etc.

6. Diet's Don't Work! If they did, with about 65,000 diet books on the market, everyone would be skinny, and healthy! Find and implement a food consumption plan that works. (not a diet.) For example, foods that are live are best and should be the majority of your meal…vegetables, fruits…then proteins and healthy fats.

7. Sugar is Not Your Friend! Do Not Consume More Than 18 Grams of Sugar Per Day - Avoid sugar at all costs. Process sugar is the sneakiest, most destructive drug in our products. It’s in a lot of things that are labeled “healthy.” Bread and pasta are also not as nature intended for our bodies.

Read the Labels an watch for this sneaky little poison, Sugar.

There all sorts of amazing recipes made with coconut water, cacao, dates and more….where you can enjoy your “sweet tooth.” Other than fruits, sugar should not be one of them.

8. Everything in moderation. “Once in a while,” it doesn’t hurt to enjoy something that’s not optimal for health….when enjoyed in moderation, meaning not all the time but, once in a while, it doesn’t cause any major impact to your Total Health plan. This will also alleviate the “deprivation response,” which is another part of your brain at work.

9. Visualize Your Way to Success Daily ~ Keep Your Ideal Results in Front of You with a Vision Board. Visualize your goal every day. Imagine how great you’ll feel 4, 5, 6 months from now when you’ve vibrant, full of energy, joyful, more productive and happier because you started taking GREAT care of yourself today. Every day you can start anew. There is a saying I’ve been seeing a lot lately: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago! The second best time, is right now, Today!

10. It's Completely Normal to Have Set-Backs! Forgive yourself: Slip ups happen…you’re human….it’s ok. If you beat yourself up, say horrible things to yourself because you messed up, you didn’t follow through this morning, or last night. STOP! Your body does not respond kindly to negative talk. Put your hand on your heart and say: “I LOVE YOU” to your beautiful self. You are spiritual being having a human experience.

Imagine for a said horrible, mean things to your best friend....the same things you say to your you think he/she would love you for it and cooperate with you? Hardly!

KEY: You live in your beautiful body….it performs trillions of processes every moment to keep you healthy, safe and alive….it deserves your love and acceptance, not your anger and disdain.

Be Gentle and Kind with Yourself! Be honest with yourself as well, but in the most positive way….”Every Day in Every Way, I’m Getting Better and Better!”

Be Reasonable: Look, you didn’t get overweight, or broke, or whatever challenge you’re having, overnight….Most of our challenges took time and habit to create, expect to take time to unravel and create a new version of yourself.

Rapid Change is Possible if You Use Hypnosis! If you desire rapid change, then consider hypnosis with a qualified hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapists are trained and experienced in reaching your subconscious mind, releasing old habits and programs and helping you to break through limiting beliefs so you can create the life you truly want for yourself.

The Power is in Your Own Mind.

You are a Being of Energy and Light.....the EGO mind tricks us into playing life "small." Remember ~ Health, Happiness, Success, Prosperity, Love…….It’s all available to you and is yours, by divine right!

Give me a call today.....Book Your COMPLIMENTARY Consultation in my Beautiful Stockton Office or Online!

Hypnosis Makes it Easy to Succeed!

With Love and Light, Suzie Bowers, CHt, Author, Soul-Discovery Coach


or local 209.649.2504

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