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Ho Ho HOLD the Mistletoe!

Maybe you can relate to this?

For 30+ years I've gone all out with tree decorating, house cleaning, shopping, cooking, setting the beautiful table, and wrapping gifts. I even read The Night Before Christmas every Christmas eve to my children and put cookies and milk out for Santa.

Whew....When I think back on all the years I worked so hard to create a magical experience for my family, honestly, it kind of wears me out. Often times, I would end up in bed by Christmas Day afternoon, exhausted, watching Disney movies.

Don't get me wrong....I loved every minute of it, especially when my mom was still alive.

This year I've decided to take it much easier and pass the torch on to my children more, and just relax and enjoy. As I reflect on the Christmases gone by, I realize I didn't really take time for myself. It's crazy to think about the overwhelming exhaustion that hit me after Christmas presents and our big breakfast on Christmas morning with the entire family, and the dynamics of all the in-laws and personalities, etc.

I haven't even talked about office parties! OMG! That too...always wanting to show up with best foot forward and remember to gift those wonderful co-workers, clients and bosses. It really starts to take a toll on your wallet too. When you add it all up this time of year can get a bit hectic, making it extremely important to take good care of yourself. Whether you have an upcoming party to attend, numerous gifts to buy, or a long list of family activities; it's easy for your stress levels to skyrocket.

Maybe, like me back then, you forget to stop and smell the joy. There is an often-overlooked solution to self-care, and controlling anxiety during these busy times and it exists in the form of hypnosis! Hypnosis can help you relax more and focus on enjoying yourself throughout the holidays instead of stressing out about everything going on around you. Hypnosis can help you stay levelheaded while also giving you some much-needed relaxation in an otherwise hectic period. In this month’s article, we'll look at how hypnosis during the holidays can be beneficial for keeping your mental and emotional health in check…So, keep reading if you want some extra peace of mind this winter season! Here are some ways hypnosis will benefit you and help manage stress: 1. Hypnosis allows you to connect with your own natural wisdom and inner peace. 2. Your personalized hypnosis sessions can really calm the circuits, and in some cases even lowering blood pressure and boosting immunity. 3. Hypnosis can help you curb your appetite and avoid eating unhealthy foods or overeating, over imbibing, and keep you on track with your healthy diet. 4. Hypnotherapy sessions can help you stay focused, you’ll actually get more done in less time. 5. Using hypnosis has been shown to increase neural connections and brain activity, which may help you have more clarity, feel relaxed, confident and more joyful. 6. Some clients have shared they feel more at peace with themselves and others after their hypnotherapy programs, thus, less family drama and stress. (Don't let Uncle Bob get under your skin. LOL.) The holidays offer a unique challenge when it comes to staying on track with our health and wellness goals. Sometimes, I get carried away myself.

Between the parties, the food, and the general merriment of the season, it can be difficult to stick to our resolutions. However, by utilizing hypnosis techniques, we can help retrain our brains in a positive way to make healthier choices and stay on track. If you're interested in learning more about how hypnosis could help you stay healthy, happy, and relaxed this holiday season, give me a call today for a complimentary consultation. I'll work with you to determine if hypnosis is the right solution for you and your unique needs. With Love and Light, Suzie 209.649.2504


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