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Meditate for a Few Moments Each Day ~ Tip #2

People often wonder how meditation works. The key to meditation is your breath. Taking 6 - 10 deep, purposeful breaths will allow your conscious chatter-box to quiet down.

Not only that, Neuro-Scientists have discovered that taking these focused deep breaths actually causes positive neurological changes in your brain, increasing focused awareness, and creating new neural pathways between the left and right hemispheres of your brain....sounds like some groovy added intelligence to me.

Make a point of connecting to your Divine Source, whatever that means to you. I enjoy imagining a bright golden white light above my head and all around me. Some people like to imagine this bright light is Jesus or the Christ or Buddha Light.

Light is all around us and is part of who we thinking of it, it comes to you. Powerful stuff.

I always use this idea with my hypnosis clients to help them 1. relax and 2. raise their vibration out of their ordinary, daily stinking thinking, conscious chatter-box.

The conscious mind is always telling us things that are judgmental and negative.

Meditation will quiet that noise and allow you to key into the powerful, but quiet voice of your subconscious mind, which has access to all knowledge and wisdom.

Stay tuned for Tip #3

With Love, Suzie

Soul-Discovery Coach


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