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Imagination Can Change Your Life

Imagination Can Change your life.




If you think about it, everything that exists on our planet started as someone’s imagination. Imagination creates. Whatever you imagine for yourself has the great potential to become real. You see, there is a part of your mind, called the subconscious that does not know the difference between what is “real” and what you imagine. That’s right.


All of your emotions are held in the subconscious level of your mind. Try this: sit quietly for a moment and imagine something that is very sad. For example, recall a past experience that was very sad for you. Maybe when you lost a beloved pet, or someone said or did something unkind to you. As you image this past experience or something else sad, you will become sad.


Of course, you don’t want to feel sad, yet, this is what most of us do….we dwell on things that are sad or scary or make us unhappy. We hold onto grudges for things that happened long ago. What you didn’t realize is holding onto past experiences, or dwelling on sad things, will continue to make you feel poorly and actually can zap your energy.


This is the power of your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is also in charge of your body, so your emotions have a direct effect on how you feel.


Don’t worry, because just the opposite is also true. If you want to feel great, or accomplish something, all you have to do is imagine something happy. For example, let’s have you take a deep, cleansing breath right now and clear your mind. Sit quietly again and imagine an experience or person that makes you very happy. Maybe you can remember a time when you set out to do something and you succeeded. Use your imagination and make it real in your mind as if you were really there now. You will feel better, lighter, more positive.


If you’ve gotten yourself into a habit of imagining negative things, this may take some practice.  You may need to exercise and strengthen your imagination muscle. The most important thing is that you now know, how you feel and what you achieve is a choice. You are not a victim of your past….more like, you are a victim of how your mind imagines your past.


You can also use your subconscious to create whatever you want for yourself. The subconscious is very resourceful and infinitely unlimited. Whatever you imagine for yourself, your subconscious mind will immediately go to work to make it real in your life. This level of your consciousness will look for people, and places, gently nudging you to experiences which will open doors and create connections in alignment with what you desire.


Have you ever thought about someone you haven’t seen in a long time? Suddenly, they appear from nowhere? Yes, I think we’ve all had this experience at one time or another. It’s all so strangely coincidental…or is it?


This is the subconscious at work. So, my question to you is this: What are you imagining for yourself?


If you don’t want to feel bad, stop thinking about the past failures and situations that didn’t work out. Leave it there, it’s over. Focus on right now and what you desire…what kind of life, health, business, relationships do you want? Sit quietly and imagine what you desire. Smile. Smiling sends a powerful message to the subconscious, that YES, this is good!


Your emotions make your imagination much more powerful. Focus on feeling good and happy. IN fact, from this moment on, make a decision, that no matter what happens, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you will be happy and focused on what you desire, not what you don’t want!


You can do it! Create the Life You Desire!


If you need help and sometimes we me today for a FREE Confidential Consultation. We can designed an affordable, customized Hypno-Coaching Program for You. You'll be glad you did!




Suzie Bowers, CHt, Soul-Discovery CoachTM


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