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Weight Loss Begins in Your Subconscious Mind

Article by John Assaraf of Neuro-Gym


Have you ever wondered why some people are ‘naturally’ skinny and can eat whatever they want?




And would you like to know why your body and brain doesn’t work like that? (Although, it could - but I’ll tell you more about that in just a second.)

Is it really just a matter of biology, hormones, or genetics… or is there something more at play here?

You might not know this, but there is a thermostat hidden inside your body. It controls how much (or how little) body fat you carry around.

It’s known as your body fat set point.

Your body fat set point functions just like the thermostat in your house does.

Whenever you set the temperature in your house, the thermostat turns on and off in order to keep a comfortable climate.

But whenever you try to diet and exercise your body always returns to it’s comfortable level of body fat. That’s why we always rebound back after we diet hard. 

The funny thing is, this doesn’t just stop us from losing weight. As weird as it may sound... it can also prevent us from gaining too much weight as well.

It’s why, no matter how much you eat, your bodyweight only fluctuates within a couple of pounds of your normal weight. Your body fat set point is why you don’t keep ballooning up until you reach 700 pounds. Your set point slams on the brakes and stops you from getting too far away from your normal body fat level.

Here’s the strangest part though:

This body fat set point does not exist in biology. It is not part of your body. It’s not a hormonal effect.

It actually is created in your brain.

That’s right.

Your body fat set point is determined by the thoughts, patterns and beliefs that run through your subconscious mind. And it’s influenced by the stories you tell yourself about why you can or can’t lose weight.

But it can be changed.

You can turn down this “hidden thermostat” that controls your normal level of body fat. 

And when you do so… maintaining a lean, healthy body weight can become easier than ever before!

Turning down your body fat set point can only happen when you bypass your conscious mind… and go to work on the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are functioning in the background of your brain 24/7.


From Suzie:

The war is between your ears, it's not your body. Releasing weight is a process of getting your mind on board! Hypnosis Works!



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