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Hypnosis: Meet Your 800lb Gorilla!

The 800 lb gorilla!

Hypnosis: The Key to Everything You Desire!


Trying to accomplish your goals and dreams can sometimes seem daunting.

Have you ever had the feeling or experience that the harder you try to accomplish something, the more difficult it seems to become?


We all have. And you know what? It’s true and it’s not your fault!


Perhaps you’ve been trying to achieve success in your business, break a bad habit, or get yourself moving to get in shape, drop a few pounds…but it just seems so difficult to get yourself to do what you know you need to do!


That’s what we call…The 800 lb Gorilla…aka Your Subconscious Mind.


Your Subconscious Mind has a very important function in your life and that is to protect you from danger and keep you alive! The subconscious mind is over 95% of your consciousness, but you are most likely not even aware of it. It’s that same part of your intelligence, which keeps your heart beating, your food digesting, pupils dilating, etc., etc. Literally trillions of processes are taking place right now in your body and you’re not even aware of it.


This powerhouse of force and protection, is also responsible for your instinct, fight or flight response. If emotionally, it suspects danger or pain, it will stop you in your tracks.


Hypnosis is the fastest way to get your subconscious mind to work with you instead of against you.


Throughout your entire life, your subconscious mind has been figuring things out and forming beliefs about what is good for you and what is potentially dangerous. These beliefs can get conflicted and then it really feels like you’re banging your head against the wall to make a change or move forward toward your goals and desires.


During the relaxed state of hypnosis, it is much easier and more effective to talk to and work with your gorilla and ask it to rearrange things and remove those blocks that have been keeping you stuck.


Everything that you need to create success in your life, is within you and is already yours. To make change work, that’s where you need to go, inside.


A qualified and experienced hypnotherapist can make this process quick and easy…..but remember, it’s up to you to decide to exercise your consciousness.

How do you “exercise” your consciousness? By first becoming aware of it…getting quiet, going within, learning to love yourself.


I call this process: “Within-ercise!” Just like physical exercise is important to stay healthy on the outside, mental and emotional exercise….going within, is just as important to how you feel and think, creating emotional and mental mastery. Time to tame the 800 lb Gorilla!


The Key to Everything You Desire is Within You and is YOURS!


Commit to take time each day and breathe deeply, quiet the conscious thinking and imagine a beautiful world with everything you desire in it. Be loving and kind to still. Be grateful for your amazing body, mind, intelligence. Feel your inner spirit, recognize your oneness with all that is....breathe.


By calming your mind and emotions you gently slide into the world of "hypnosis" where you access the powerful you may make changes and calm your inner gorilla.


Need help? We're here. Give me a call and let's talk. 


With Love and Light, Suzie Bowers, CHt







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