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It’s Time for a New Year – 2016 – Release the Old and Make Way for the New!

On the news this morning I saw that people in New York City were writing down things they wanted to be rid of from 2015 in order to get ready for 2016 and have a fresh, clean slate!

What an Idea! Actually, it is not new and a very old concept which activates the subconscious mind and dissipates energetic connections. There is huge Power in conducting a releasing ceremony and the Burning Bowl Ceremony has been used for eons for this purpose.

In my Dragonfly Circle Community, we perform the Burning Bowl Ceremony Every New Year’s Eve and again on the Summer Solstice.

Fire is the element of purification, transformation and power and has been used by ancient people in ceremony for thousands of years.

This is a great way to release the past pains and hurts and open up new space for exciting new people and things to come into your life.

In the Burning Bowl Ceremony you write down on a small piece of paper whatever it is you want to release and be free of once and for all. The act of writing down what you want gone from your life is a very important part of the releasing process— any written or spoken words, have great power and impress the subconscious mind with instructions for dissolving old beliefs and programs and especially in creating new beliefs and programs.

In order to attract new things into our life, it’s important that we clean out old stuff that’s been dragging us down and keeping us from moving forward toward our dreams and passions. This ceremony reminds of cleaning out old drawers and closets and giving away things we’re no longer using or are of value to us. I recommend also cleaning out old stuff and donating it, then following that with the burning bowl ceremony.

A ceremony like the Burning Bowl Ceremony is considered an Act of Power by native Shamans and should be completed with focus and reverence for the inner divine being that is within us. Making an Act of Power is serious business spiritually. Whatever you write down and throw into the fire will change, so it is important that you have a long talk with yourself and be sure you’re ready for what is next. I know it sounds kind of silly, but it’s true, sometimes we are used to our pain and get comfortable being a certain way. I encourage you to have courage, to take a deep breath and step into the YOU, you are here to be. Releasing the old will help make this happen.

After writing down with care each thing, person or experience that you are ready to release, loosely fold the paper and place it in the burning bowl.

You may light the paper after placing in the bowl or have a premade fire going and throw the paper in while holding your intention and setting (it) FREE! Spend a moment in quiet contemplation and gratitude for whatever this thing or situation came to teach you. Then mindfully state your vow of commitment and surrender and releasing.

You may be wondering – I’m not sure exactly what I can release or what I should release. You may wish to release an old relationship, a way of thinking, negative experiences, bad energy, loved ones who’ve passed over, a sickness, a job, a house, an addiction, procrastination…really anything.

Your burning bowl should be a fire-safe container or even a fire pit will do nicely.

Once you feel your prayer and intention is clear and complete, throw the paper into the fire and watch it dissolve away, being purified and cleansed from you forever. Although you may perform this ceremony alone, there is a lot of power in group fire ceremonies. In my Dragonfly Circle Group Ceremony, we drum and rattle in a sacred way, while each circle member performs their ceremony. In this way, we hold the light and the space for each other, while magnifying the energies with the drums and rattles. This makes a powerful statement and wakes up the spirits of place to hold witness and assist us in birthing a new us. The healing is amazing, profound and powerful. The totality of energy and focus for a common purpose is life changing. You will feel different. Perhaps you’ll feel lighter, freer or even contemplative. Get ready for a new way of viewing yourself and the world.

Saint Paul wrote ‘be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Rom 12: 2). The Burning Bowl Ceremony is all about transformation and renewal. Everything begins in the mind and the kind of transformation that can come about from the Burning Bowl Ceremony is imbued with Power, the power of your subconscious mind and the Power of Your Spirit!

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year! Make 2016 the year you Step Into Your Power, Live Your Life on Purpose, with Passion and Be True to Yourself!


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