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Call us today for a FREE Complimentary Consultation to Discuss How Our Custom Hypnotherapy Program Can Work For You!


"Still Struggling to Lose Weight?

Hypnosis Can Help!"

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Hypnosis combined with Health Coaching is the easiest and most effective way to release those unwanted pounds. When your subconscious mind is in partnership with your conscious desires, releasing weight gets easier than you can imagine.


We focus on the following areas:

  • Healthy Eating and Portion Control

  • Dissolving Cravings

  • Mindset of a Healthy Vibrant Body

  • Body Imaging

  • Exercise Motivation

  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Creating Partnership with the Part of You that Over Indulges

  • Review trouble spots and release subconscious beliefs and habit patterns that are keeping you stuck from moving forward.


During Your Customized 8-Week Program, you will be able make better food choices, have a strong desire to exercise and stretch your body, overcome the emotional issues around food, release weight easily, gain confidence and feel like a new, sexier you.


We use the following techniques, customized for you:

  • Gastric Band Hypnosis

  • Body Imaging

  • Guided Visualization

  • Regression Therapy

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Anchoring New Empowering Behaviors...

to name a few.


Your Success is Our Number 1 Priority!


Contact Us or Call Today to Schedule a FREE 1/2 Hour Consultation. Don't forget to mention your $100 Off Coupon!*


HypnoTherapy Programs Can be Done at Our Private Office or Over the Phone!


ASK About our Weight Crushing4TM Program ~ 4 Intense Sessions!

Every Area of Your Life Will Improve with a Customized Self-Improvement Program

Be Healthy and Fit at Any Age! Hypnosis Works!


Call us Today to Receive Your FREE Information Packet and $100 Off Coupon

"I worked with Suzie to gain confidence and in the process dropped 30 pounds!" Melissa, Lodi, California

*Cost of this program varies per person, depending on weight loss challenges and goals. Each program is individually customized and you can feel confident in having your own personal support system and accountability partner. Tried everything and nothing else has worked?! Hypnosis combined with coaching Works! Estimated Cost is between $800 - $2497

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