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Are You Living a Soul Life?

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Since Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life came out in 2010, people often ask me, "What is a "Soul-Life?""

When I started on my "awakened spiritual journey," I felt this deep connection with a part of me that seemed behind the scenes but always there guiding and moving me forward especially during difficult times. Of course, in the beginning I was completely unaware of this.

Later in life I experienced what many have called a "Dark Night of the Soul," when everything went sideways, everything seemed out of my control, and I found life difficult to navigate. Ultimately, I became deeply depressed, my world became colorless and bleak. (Remember the "dementors" in Harry Potter?) Yea, it was like that.

It was then, that this "Soul-Self" appeared more fully and in an explosion of light that was undeniable.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you been so down you didn't know how in the world you would ever get back up? Have you ever felt like there was some force or energy that seemed to comfort you? I began to identify this inner wisdom as my "Soul" or "Higher" Self.

The Soul has been described in many ways throughout history and in my book Ten Keys to Living a Soul Life, I describe the Soul as: Life Force, Indwelling Spirit, Spark of Life, and The Observer, to name a few.

Webster's Dictionary defines the Soul as: The immortal part of man, as distinguished from his body// the moral and emotional nature of man, as distinguished from his mind (or ego)// the vital principle which moves and animates all life.


When you're living as your Soul-Self, you move out of the "victim" mentality which is constantly in motion (and judgement,) from the EGO or conscious mind, and step into the Higher You, your Soul-Self. From the Soul-Self level, you are experiencing everything as an opportunity to learn and grow, embracing your passion, powering through fear with grace and ease to achieve your true life purpose.

The incredible freedom this creates is indescribable and

unique to each of us.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned from a very young age to engage in "victim" mentality and ultimately feel helpless to change or make things better. I believe this is part of the human journey of self-realization and transformation.

There will always be highs and lows in our life journey. We can learn skills and choose to experience all of it through the lens of our "Soul-Self."

In the Soul-Discovery Coaching Program, you will learn how:

  • Your thoughts create how you feel and develop skills so you can change them.

  • To move beyond destructive habits and negativity.

  • To consciously move into the space of the Observer and gain back control of your experience.

  • To raise your vibration and attract higher level people and experiences into your life.

  • To feel happy more of the time.

  • To completely overcome anxiety and gain more confidence in every situation.

These are just a few of the amazing benefits of Living a Soul Life. If you're ready to say enough of being thrown around by the whims of life, have the courage to face your fears and move beyond them, to choose to experience everything as your Soul-Self....the Soul-Discovery Coaching program could be right for you. If you'd like to learn more about it GO Here. You are invited to contact me as well for a complimentary consultation. I am holding you up in the Light of Love to make the best decision for yourself at this time. With Love and Warm Regards, Suzie 209.649.2504


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