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Did You Know Hypnosis Can Help You Alleviate Fear of the Future?

With everything that's gone on this past year, I'm getting more and more calls for anxiety and depression, so I thought I'd reach out and address fear and anxiety. It's especially difficult on our kids.

Hypnosis can help alleviate fear of the future by helping you get through today by focusing on what you want and not what you don't want. It's easy to worry about what might happen, but the natural state of mind called hypnosis helps you become more in tune with your body and less aware of anything outside of it. If you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, then maybe some hypnotherapy is for you! Let’s be honest, sometimes the future can be a scary place. The world seems to be changing so rapidly that it feels like the ground could shift beneath our feet at any moment.

Sometimes we're too stressed out to even think about what's next, let alone plan for it. Our wheels, our thoughts just keep spinning, but that doesn’t provide a solution. This is the definition of “stress” and it’s completely counter-productive. I believe that for the most part, we just want to feel safe and secure in this present moment, but our busy mind doesn’t always cooperate in creating the natural sense of inner peace we really crave. The truth is, where you are most powerful, where actual solutions can be provided is in that quiet space in between your thoughts and worries, when you access the all-powerful subconscious mind. There are steps you can take now to help ease your worries about tomorrow by spending time today reflecting on: 1. How far you've come and all of the things you've accomplished in your life so far. 2. Being grateful for the little pleasures in life. 3. Focusing your thoughts on finding peace through self-care and reflection.

First and foremost, BREATHE! I talk about this all the time. When you're mind is busy with the "stinkin thinkin," most likely you're holding your breath.

Just as important: Beware of what you're imagining. Behind each thought is your imagination. Be careful to easily release anything that is not what you want. Your subconscious mind is SO powerful and what you imagine, it starts to create. The more your thoughts are focused on joy, the more joyful you feel. Worrying about the future creates anxiety, which equals stress. Stress can be a major factor contributing to weight gain and other health issues, which is why my hypnotherapy program includes tools to help you alleviate stress, and learn to tune into your body’s natural rhythm. The future is coming and we can’t stop it, and there's nothing to worry about because it isn’t actually here yet. By helping your busy conscious mind to relax and slow down, hypnosis can help you get rid of the fear of what lies ahead. With everything that has been happening in this past year, many people are feeling anxious or depressed, and although challenging, it is also a great opportunity to learn how hypnosis and other self-care practices can help you manage your emotions even during uncertain times. All We Really Have is Right Now! Tomorrow is Promised to Noone! The good news is that hypnosis has been proven time and time again to alleviate these feelings so you can live your life without the stress they had before starting sessions. It doesn't take long either- a customized hypnotherapy program may consist of 4 – 10 sessions, depending upon the severity of your situation. Let’s imagine, what if you could have a stress-free day? What if it was possible to stop worrying about the future and just enjoy today? Perhaps you’re one of those people that they can't sleep at night. Maybe you wake up in the morning with knots in your stomach, or just still feeling sick and tired. With hypnosis you can get rid of your fear of the future and be able to live for today! The first step is recognizing that there is no such thing as "tomorrow." “Tomorrow" is a concept in our mind only and none of us really knows what shifts and changes could alter the course we are on until we’re there. There's only now. The GREAT news is everything starts now and, believe it or not, you are choosing to be happy or miserable. If we're not happy with our lives right this minute, then we have the power to change how we experience this moment right now, by changing our thoughts and internal state. It's a scary thing to think about what the future holds, but we can't let fear paralyze us. We have to go out and do things that make us happy in order to give ourselves something good to look forward to. It's easy for that feeling of uncertainty or worry to creep up on you like it does at night when your mind is racing with all the possibilities of what could happen tomorrow. What if I fail? What if I don't get this job? Even worse, what if my relationship doesn't work out? These thoughts are a natural process of the EGO or personality self, and will come up every once in a while no matter how much success you've had so far in life. In those moments remember that even though you might feel alone right now-you are not. Everyone has these thoughts and feelings at different times in their life. My Secret Sauce: Remember, it’s still a beautiful world with an abundance of unlimited opportunities. Try to look at every challenge as an opportunity to shift your ideas, change your perception and improve yourself, to learn and to grow. If you’re ready for rapid change in a relaxing and supportive environment, give me a call. I’m here to help! With Love, Suzie

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